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PaidViewPoint ( - Legit

PaidViewPoint ( - Legit | Paid Twice

 Fair warning, while the site allows most countries, this site will benefit USA members more. Non-USA members pay receive one survey a day for 3 cents. If they are lucky. However you can still earn from referrals and doing these 3 cent surveys. It is up to you to decide whether or not it is worth your time.

PaidViewPoint is a survey site that pays you to take short market research surveys based on your demographics and trust score. When you join you will not be required to give your name, only information that will help them to match you with the right surveys. For USA members, you will need to verify your phone number. Either with a landline or cell phone number. Instructions will be given through the registration process.

It is a new survey site from the makers of ICS which currently resides on our Elite List. We have fully tested the site and we feel it is time to move the site from the Ongoing Investigations List to the Legit List. Site is over 6 months old and paying without any issues.

 Which countries can join and which countries are restricted. Minimum you can cashout  The amount of time you have to wait to be paid.  The methods available to cashout with.
CashoutWait TimeMethods
72 HRSPayPal

The number of ads the site displays.

Daily average earning without referrals.

The type of referral program they offer and how many direct referrals you can have.
Per Survey# of SurveysDaily AvgReferrals
Depends on Trust Score
$0.03 +
About 1 Daily
$0.03 +1 Level
NO Direct Limit
 Reason For Review:  August 2011 - Requests | Archive
 Page Last Updated:  November 11, 2012
 Owner/Alias:  "David Handel" of USA  aka "AYTM"  | Same owners of ICS
 Current Whois:                                       
 Contact Links

Here are the pros and cons of this site:

Pros - The upside or positive side of the site.


1. Fixed Minimum Cashout
-  $15 is the set minimum cashout. Might seem a little high to many but at least you don't have to worry about it changing constantly after each cashout. However there is a bonus to help you reach your first cashout....

2. Signup Bonus -  For USA members a $1 sign-up bonus will be given after you complete registration. With an additional $0.10 for verifying your phone number. All other countries will receive an average of $0.80 at sign-up.

3. Unlimited Direct Referrals - There are no limits on how many referrals you can have. Great for promoters and those who can refer a lot of people.

4. Forum - This site does have a forum. Forums are great for communication between members and staff. Members can post payment proofs, get support, and stay up to date on changes made to the site. You can find their forum here:

5. Paying - We have tested the site and we have been paid. Several others have been paid as well:

Cons - The downside or negative side of the site.

1. New Site - Naturally with new sites you will not find payment proofs.  With this site you do not have to worry about losing investment, since they do not require or ask investment from you.

2. Promotional Material - You wont find banners for bloggers and site owners to use. You will have to create your own banners to if you plan on promoting the site.

3. Personal Information Required -  Like most survey sites, you will be required to give your address, date of birth, and other person info.

More info about this site that you might want to know about.
More Info About This Site...
  • Warning: Changing your emails address will either cause your account to be zeroed out or you will not be able to cashout for another 6 months. So be sure to enter a working email address when you join.

  • Trust Score:
(More income opportunities to members with higher TrustScores)
"Be honest about your demographics and traits, always give your honest opinions, and don't be fickle. Change your mind only when it is really changed. Lastly, remember, we aren't interested in your personal identity. We don't even ask for your real name. We want to learn about you and your candid opinions but we maintain your privacy so that you will feel free to speak your mind. "
  • Number of Surveys: Depends on too many variables. Trust score, your interests, ect...
  • The maximum number of questions in a survey is limited to 25, but on average, PV surveys are around 10 questions long.
  • Referral Earnings : Earn up to $25.00 for each new friend you invite. You will get 20% of every Biz survey reward when your friends cash out.
    • VIP Community Builder: Those that have over 100 referrals can apply for VIP. VIPs do not have to wait till their invitees cash out to collect their 20% referral fees but will receuve the awards every time their friends completes Biz survey rewards.
    • Whenever one of your invited friends wins the $10 PM grand prize, you win $5. Also, whenever an invited friend of one of your invited friends (think "grandchild") wins the $10 grand prize, you win a $2 instant cash prize.

  • Script: Custom
  • Site Created: September 20, 2009   Launched: August 2011

  • September 2012
    • Prediction Match Removed (source)
  • June 11, 2012
    • Referral program updated.
  • May 24, 2012
    • Pakistan reported as no longer being restricted.
  • April 12, 2012
    • Prediction Match introduced.
  • March 30, 2012
    •  Moved to Legit List
  • September 10, 2011
    • Full Review completed and site added to the Ongoing Investigations List

Ending and summary of review.
PaidViewPoint is paying with no major problems. As of now all you have to lose is your valuable time. So if you are looking for a easy way to take surveys, then this site might be for you.

We will continue to monitor this site. If anyone would like to share their experience that they had with this site, whether it is good or bad, feel free to do so in our comment section at the end of this review.

Please note, the information in the review was posted at the time and date from above. If the site changes its policies, please kindly let us know in the comment section and we will update or change the incorrect information as soon as we can. Reviews are done from a Standard member and not from Upgraded. Refer to site for info and stats about upgraded member's perks. 
Click the picture below to register :


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